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  • CITY:Berlin

About the program

GlogauAIR is a non-profit art space and residency created in 2006 by Chema Alvargonzalez and nowadays supported by La Memoria Artistica Chema Alvargonzalez, located in a historic building in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
The artistic residence project is focused on the principals of exploring, creating and exhibiting. The Residency offers 13 studios to international artists of all artistic fields who during their stay participate in the Residency Program where they receive curatorial and technical support, as well as the possibility to take part in diverse activities; such as workshops, exchanges and talks that aim to help them in their professional careers. During the months of the residency Program each artist develops an artistic work in one of the GlogauAIR’s studios in Berlin, along with the remote option that is successfully running since 2020, opening an opportunity to share ideas and opinions with other artists.

Especially this past year 2020 GlogauAIR has faced many challenges, most of them originated from artists not being able to join the Residency due to COVID-19 pandemic. Far from allowing this to stop us, we have developed with permanence views, our On-line Residency Program which is now available for artists who can’t join us physically in Berlin. This program includes most of the elements of the On-site Residency Program, including our personal monitoring, activities and final Open Studios exhibition.

Foremost, GlogauAIR continues the project created by Chema Alvargonzalez built on openness receptivity to new ideas and support of local and international contemporary art practices.

On-site program
Taking part in a Residency at GlogauAIR in Berlin, 13 international artists, with diverse social and geographical backgrounds, will receive curatorial support, technical support and develop their work in a dynamic community. At the same time they will get to know a new culture and landscape, getting influences from Berlin, renowned for its contemporary culture.
During the Residency each artist will live at GlogauAIR’s Studios, having the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in a creative process as well as share ideas and opinions with the other artists in residence. Download the Residency Program

On-line Program
GlogauAIR’s On-line Program is open since March 2020 to all nationalities and art disciplines. As much as we love creating and being together, in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic we have added a virtual option of our residency program. We bring artists together on-line: to discuss, work, collaborate and be engaged and inspired.
The program includes curatorial support, regular group meetings, talks by experts and workshops. The artists are asked to work from their homes or personal studios, using material they can source.
Download the On-line Program


GlogauAIR is situated just off the Landwehr Canal, a picturesque river filled with swans, and lined with trees, which crosses the entirety of the Kreuzberg “Kiez”. The very large and central Görlitzer Park is also within immediate walking distance of the GlogauAIR residence.

Historically Kreuzberg, which sits on the western border between East and West Berlin, was characterized as a neighbourhood of elegant buildings housing working and middle class families. It features many industrial enclosures that lodge small factories, publishing and printing houses, and crafts businesses. From the beginning of the 19th century to the end of the Second World War, Kreuzberg was Berlin’s central quarter for commerce and production.

After the war, and later with the raising of the Berlin Wall, Kreuzberg became a frontier neighbourhood whose accessible rents and wide open spaces attracted young people from across Germany as well as immigrants, especially from Turkey.

In the 70s and 80s the alternative character of the squat movement – occupying abandoned buildings- flourished along with the arrival of artists from all disciplines, turning the Kreuzberg quarter into the new “cool”. It still holds that reputation today; since the Wall fell, it has cemented its status as the creative, multi-cultural heart of the city, a zone that has preserved its essential character while allowing the constant flow and influence of new ideas.





GlogauAIR is a space for all types of artists. We welcome applications from all around the world and various backgrounds and artistic disciplines. The applications are reviewed by GlogauAIR’s team which is comprised of local and international art professionals.
Artists are encouraged to apply and to seek funding opportunities, of which there is an extensive list of relevant ones on our website.


On-site program
3 or 6 months

On-line program
3 months

Studio information

There are 13 studios distributed over the top 3 floors of this historic Kreuzberg building from 1896. Each floor has shared kitchen, shower, WC and WIFI. Basic expenses, including maintenance, gas, electricity, and internet, and utilities are included in the accommodation. The kitchens are fully equipped and the studios have a double sofa bed with bed linen, table, chairs, desk lamp / bed lamp, wardrobe and shelves. There is also a charming garden and a backyard for common use.


Accommodation information

The residence is located in a beautiful, modernist-style building that was designed to be a school. It is the first work projected and built by the architect Ludwig Hoffmann, in 1896, after his nomination as Building Adviser of the city. If you want to read more you can find the history of the building on our About Page. Different activities and collaboration projects are organized in or by GlogauAIR, including artist talks, interviews, studio visits and interchange programs with other residences and institutions, as well as a welcome lunch to get you introduced to GlogauAIR’s community.

What the AiR provides

The residency organizers will be offering assistance, advice and attending basic technical demands at specific points during the residency and in preparation for the open studios. GlogauAIR will also provide access to all the equipment and tools available in the residence, to use for one week, extendible if no other artist demands it:

  • Multimedia: 4 beamers, 6 CRT TVs, 4 TFT screens, 6 DVD players, 2 media players, sound mixer and speakers.
  • Tools: Hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, saws, wrenches, hand and vertical drill, mitter and grinder saw, sander, white wall painting, rollers, etc.
  • Lighting: Flood lights (Halogen and Metal Halide), fluorescent tubes, spot and snoot lamps.

What the Artist pays

On-site program
  • Accommodation 600 € / month
  • Program and Technical Support Fee 1.500 € / quarter (paid 120 days in advance)
  • Deposit guarantee 1.000 € (which will be refunded at the end of the Residency)
Second artist +100 € / month on accommodation (Only for artists with a proven track record of working together as an artistic pair).

On-line program
  • Program Fees: 300 € / month

How to apply

Online application



Address: Glogauerstrasse 16, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 30 612 22 75
Website: GlogauAIR / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube / Vimeo / LinkedIn

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