ART CIRCLE International
International Visual Arts Festival

  • COUNTRY:Slovenia
  • CITY:Goriška Brda, Vipava Valley

About the program

ART CIRCLE is a non-profit organization founded in Slovenia in 2011 with the goal of organizing art festival/art residencies and cultural events to connect the culture of visual arts with tourism, economy, and diplomacy. Since then, ART CIRCLE has hosted hundreds of artists from around the world at up to seven events a year in Slovenia and abroad. The key connecting part of the circle is the Art Embassy, a special form of art residency. More recently, the organization has expanded to organize events in Italy, Austria, Sweden, Australia, and Germany under the umbrella of ART CIRCLE International.

Primary goals of ART CIRCLE International

  • raising awareness of the importance of culture and the arts
  • education in the field of culture and arts
  • connecting culture with the economy and tourism
  • international cooperation
  • generating connections/networking of cultural figures


Slovenia, Austria, Italy


Professionally/academically qualified artist




7 to 10 days, longer upon request

Accommodation information

All art residents are offered a private room, 4+ or higher, and full board.

Studio information

Studio is at the same location as accommodation. The venue offers indoor or outdoor studio, prepared for painting or sculpture.

What the AiR provides

Art Circle Slovenia provides
  • Free accommodation and meals during the residency period.
  • Free cultural program during the residency period.
  • Canvases or wood/stone materials (depending on the art residency).
  • A group exhibition of the created works at the end of the residency period.

What the Artist pays

Artist obligations
  • Transport to and from a specific Art embassy or other place of the art residency.
  • Specific art material such as paint, paintbrushes, tools, glue, etc.
  • The studios will be open to the public daily. All participating artists are required to be in the studios working during the time of open hours.
  • Art works produced during the residency period are donated to ART CIRCLE Collection.

How to apply

OPEN CALL published at our website


Tel: +386 40 222 340

Website: ART CIRCLE International / Facebook / Instagram

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