An "institute of contemporary arts" is,
as the name suggests,
a creative space where different art genres intersect
with a focus on contemporary art.

ICA Kyoto serves as an open,
accessible platform for facilitating the response
of Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto,
with its deeply rooted traditional culture,
to global contemporary art trends,
where people can work together to create new value.


ICA Kyoto undertakes cross-disciplinary experimental practice
and research in contemporary art.
As well as providing support for a wide range of research based in Kyoto,
ICA Kyoto showcases the activities of experimental, cutting-edge artists,
curators and researchers, from Japan and elsewhere,
through Global Art Talks (GAT) plus various other talks
and international symposia.


Realkyoto Forum disseminates news on contemporary art events
and developments in Japan to a wide audience both in Japan,
and further afield. As well as helping to ignite critical discourse,
Realkyoto Forum also holds the REALKYOTO online magazine archives,
thus maintaining a valuable record of contemporary art events
in Kyoto and the Kansai region for future generations.


In addition to carefully selecting artist-in-residence programs
from around the world, and collecting and providing specific,
practical information on these programs,
ICA Kyoto offers support for applicants.
Information is updated regularly, and includes first-hand accounts
from artists who have actually undertaken residencies.
Steps are underway to set up
ICA Kyoto's own artist-in-residence program in the future.