Institute of Contemporary Arts Kyoto
― guidelines for Applicants of Research Fellow

1. Purpose

ICA Kyoto welcomes Research Fellows who have a wide range of interest in the trends of the times from a broad perspective and aim to participate actively in the world art scene. Encountering with people from diverse cultural, historical and social backgrounds and different senses of values in Kyoto would provide valuable experiences for your future professional development.
We are hoping that you would build your own experience and knowledge through creative production and research and expand your potential through intimate communication with people and environment that can be done only in Kyoto.

2. Applicants

Artists, Curators, Researchers

※Overseas residents have priority to be accepted.

3. Number of researchers

5 Researchers per year

※The number of researchers may vary.

4. Application conditions

  • (1) Contributing to the development of contemporary art
  • (2) Being of reference to young people who eager to become artists
  • (3) Contributing to mutual exchanges between Kyoto and the world in the field of art

5. Period

October 1st, 2024 – March 31st, 2025

※ICA Kyoto may decide to suspend this program due to the spread of COVID-19 infection. Also, the acceptance period can be extended in the following cases due to the spread of COVID-19 infection.

  • When ICA Kyoto decides to suspend this program.
  • When it becomes difficult for the successful candidates to enter or leave the country.

6. What ICA Kyoto offers

Providing research resources and contacts, available project [work] space, permission to use facilities and equipment of Kyoto University of the Arts, supporting and providing some information related to your project [work].

※The content of the offer will be determined through discussion with ICA Kyoto.

7. Responsibility

When you are accepted as a Research Fellow, you are responsible for presenting the results by the end of your enrollment period.

※Progress reports at open studios are also acceptable.

8. Notice

  • (1) There is no monetary support for research and production of works by researchers.
  • (2) The researcher himself/herself shall bear all of his/her travel expenses, living expenses, and accommodation expenses.
  • (3) The travel procedures and accommodation procedures shall be carried out at the researcher’s own responsibility, while ICA Kyoto will be happy to support those procedures in non-monetary capacity.

9. Required documents

  • (1) Application Form
  • (2) CV
  • (3) Letter of Motivation (including research plan)
  • (4) Portfolio or Publications[Research papers]

10. How to apply / Application deadline

Please submit the application documents in 9. (1) to (4) above by the due date by email.

Deadline: April 13th, 2024

(The result of screening will be notified you by the end of May)

11. Inquiries

ICA Kyoto
Kyoto University of the Arts
2-116 Uryuyama Kitashirakawa, Sakyo-ku Kyoto, 606-8271 JAPAN
Tel: +81 (0)75-791-9125