Privacy Policy

Personal information collected by ICA Kyoto will not be used for any purposes other than notifying you of Kyoto University of the Arts student recruitment or events, or of services or events implemented by ICA Kyoto. If we contract an individual or entity (“contractor”) to contact you or send you material using the collected personal information, we will choose a contractor who we are satisfied handles personal information appropriately, and implement the appropriate management, including concluding a non-disclosure agreement. Please understand that when outsourcing such operations, we may provide the contractor with all or part of the personal information you have disclosed. However, we will do so only to the extent necessary for the contractor to conduct the outsourced operations.

Disclosing or Providing Information to Third Parties

As a rule, we will not provide your personal information to any third party without your consent, except where such disclosure:

  • Is in accordance with or required by applicable law.
  • Is necessary for the protection of the safety or property of our users or the public, and it is difficult or impractical to obtain your consent.
  • Is necessary for public health or education and it is difficult or impractical to obtain your consent.
  • Is made in cooperation with national or local authorities, or an individual or entity appointed by such authorities to enforce the law or carry out legal process, and in which seeking your consent could affect such enforcement or legal process.

Contact for Inquiries about Personal Information

Mail: ICA Kyoto, General Education Managing Office, Kyoto University of the Arts, 2-116 Uryuyama Kitashirakawa, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8271, Japan

Requesting Disclosure, Termination of Use or Deletion of Personal Information

We will respond without delay to your request for notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, termination of use, erasure or termination of provision to a third party (“disclosure”) of your personal information. However, all or some of this information may not be disclosed in the following cases:

  • There is a risk of harm to the safety or property or other rights of you or a third party.
  • There is a risk of significant impediment to the business operations of Kyoto University of the Arts.
  • There is a risk of violating other laws or regulations.